Basically, crowd control is a method used to control crowds of people to prevent fights and other chaos. In managing large events such as festivals, for example, apart from the committee, security forces from the police are also deployed to reduce the risk of chaos and a series of other impacts. To maintain conducive conditions during the event, crowd control can be carried out with the help of barricade equipment, ropes lines, and so on. . This equipment will really help the event participants to be orderly on their part. In addition, it is also important to continue to communicate, both between security personnel and security personnel and participants.

VIP protection meansĀ providing executive protection to anyone that may need it. The type of people that ask for VIP security protection may include celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and business executives but may also include those who have had some sort of threat against them

Physical security is the protection of people, hardware, from physical actions, intrusions and other events that could damage an organization and its assets. Safeguarding the physical security of a business means protecting it from threat actors, as well as accidents and natural disasters, such as fires, floods, earthquakes and severe weather. A lack of physical protection could risk the , devices and utilities that support business operations and processes. That said, people are a large part of the physical security threat.

Theft and vandalism are examples of human-initiated threats that require physical security solutions. A physical security breach doesn’t necessarily require technical knowledge

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medical units means establishments and other units, whether military or civilian, organized for medical purposes, namely the search for, collection, transportation, diagnosis or treatment-including first-aid treatment-of the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, or for the prevention of disease. The term includes, for example, hospitals and other similar units, blood transfusion centres, preventive medicine centres and institutes, medical depots and the medical and pharmaceutical stores of such units. Medical units may be fixed or mobile, permanent or temporary

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