Pelopor Guard Indonesia is a security service business entity that has been registered with BUJP Indonesia No.01245/BPJ ABUJAPI JAYA/13/XII/2018. This company has been established since 2013. We are engaged in security units in various kinds of business services or events. We uphold a sense of discipline and professionalism in carrying out all tasks which we do.

Vision & Mision


  • Become a trusted and reliable security service provider in Indonesia with an international security standart oriented to setting out the well being and professionalism of the human resouces according to global demand


  •  To serve our communities by providing quality service at an affordable price
  •  To positively impact our industri by setting the standars higher for our competitor to compete with us
  • To provide a positive and abundant work environment soo that man and women can provide for their families
  • To have opportunity can be felt by all to achieve the financial dreams for now and their future
  • To provide long term job security
  • No hidden costs and the highest quality service,guarantee
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