Pioneer Medical is a unit that is responsive to an incident which involves the health of a person who is at an event. We are always ready to help you. We also provide 24-hour ambulance and other medical services.

Scope Of Work

Security Guards Management

  • Provide Professional & Reliable Security Guard
  • Security Supervisory and management program
  • Patrol and Monitoring Program
  • VIP Protection (Escort Services,VIP Protection Program)
  • Emergency Response Unit(4 Wheels & 2 Wheels)
  • K-9 Unit

Security Consultan

  • Planning an Effective & Efficiencies Guarding System
  • Coordinating in Strategic Guarding Management
  • Data & Information Services(Security Audit & Security Opinion)
  • Security Implementastion Plan
  • Contingency Plan and Emergency Plan Review and Development
  • Security Implementation Plan and Periodical Review
  • Community Development Programs¬†
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